The Best Day Of My Life

oliverThe best day of my life is that I would go to a lot of places with my family and a friend called N. C. Let me tell you what we’ll do. We will go to a history museum and look at models. We will look at skeletons and do games.

Then we will buy an IPhone and get Pokémon go and get internet to play anywhere. Then we will go at fort Chambly. It has a lot of pokestops witch gives stuff example pokeballs witch capture Pokémon like magicarp witch is easy to find over there it’s awesome.

Then I would go to Funtropolis and go in the air gun section. (The air gun section is wear there is guns that shot with the power of air.) .Then show off in the spy section. (The spy section is wear there is lasers you’ve got three chanses.) .I would slide and doge balls from hitting me in the air gun section. Then I would shot back at them with an air gun.

Then finally I will go to my favorite restaurant called Mc Donald’s. I love going in the park it’s fun. Then we will eat ice cream for dessert. Then we will go home very tired and sleep. Image source: flickr 


One thought on “The Best Day Of My Life

  1. Hello Oliver Online,
    I really like to Fontropolis too! I really like going down the slides and go in the spy room with all the lasers. But McDonald`s is not my favorite restaurant. Keep going!

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