My Bird Pika

Hi it’s me again it has been a long time. Today I’m going to talk about my bird that I got for Christmas. he is yellow and his name is Pika. He is a baby budgie. A kind of parakeet. He chirps a lot in his cage but not when he is out of his cage. He is more my brother because he asked one a few years ago but he got three fake ones. But this year I’m the one who found out first. so he is equally mine because I found out for my brother.


When we get him out of his cage one of are cats are in the entrance and the other with us because the one in the entrance tries to eat him. My two dogs are the same thing they try to eat him so they are in the entrance as well and no they do not try to eat the cat. The bird tries to sewer side on the other cat that does not try to eat him. Once my brother had an idea of putting him on a card when I was playing headbands. That’s all for today see you later bye.

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